Here you’ll find electrical contractor and home improvement contractor licenses held by Design My Solar.

State of Alabama

Electrical Contractor 8612

General Contractor 59111

State of Alaska

Journeyman Electrician 20230636

State of Arizona

Electrical Contractor ROC 351134

State of California

C-10 Electrical Contractor 1115451

State of Colorado

Master Electrician ME.3000738

Electrical Contractor EC.0101892

District of Columbia

Master Electrician EM40000689

State of Delaware

Master Electrician T1-0016768

Contractor Business License 2024703864

State of Florida

Electrical Contractor EC13010415

State of Idaho

Master Electrician 67773

Electrical Contractor 069242

State of Iowa

Master Electrician 67773

State of Illinois

ICC Distributed Generation Installer 23-0002

City of Chicago Supervising Electrician SE7937

City of Chicago Electrical Contractor ECC96227

State of Kentucky

Master Electrician ME66520

Electrical Contractor CE66366

State of Louisiana

Electrical Contractor 76750

State of Maryland

Master Electrician 01-27943

Maryland Home Improvement Contractor 156783

State of Michigan

Master Electrician 6219873

Electrical Contractor 6115060

State of Minnesota

Master Electrician AM807372

Electrical Contractor EA807239

State of Mississippi

Commercial/Solar/Electrical 25597

State of Missouri

Electrical Contractor 2023021569

State of Nebraska

Electrical Contractor EC 49503

State of Nevada

Electrical Contractor 0091720

State of New Hampshire

Master Electrician 15780

Electrical Corporation 0630C

State of New Mexico

Journeyman Electrician 413511

Electrical Contractor 414762

State of North Carolina

Electrical Contractor U.34176

State of New York

Putnam County Home Improvement 52158

Westchester County Home Improvement WC-36876-H23

State of Pennsylvania

Home Improvement Contractor PA183640

Philadelphia Electrical Contractor 061916

Plymouth Township General Contractor CR-23-0393

State of Rhode Island

Journeyman Electrician B-016094

State of South Carolina

Mechanical 117288  

Specialty (PV) RBS.64252

General Contractor 125122

State of South Dakota

Master Electrician EC 3916

State of Tennessee

Electrical Contractor 80047

State of Texas

Master Electrician 332049

Electrical Contractor 28621

State of Utah

Master Electrician 13419046-5502

State of Vermont

Master Electrician EM8034

State of Virginia

Master Electrician 2710075634

Electrical Contractor 2705181599

State of Washington

Electrical Administrator BUCK*A*760DG

Electrical Contractor FREEDSP767JC

General Contractor CCFREEDSP771LH

State of West Virginia

Master Electrician REM2305001172

Electrical Contractor WV063467

State of Wyoming

Master Electrician M-52866

Electrical Contractor C-10371