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Most frequent questions and answers

Solar panels manufacturers play a large role in terms of quality and bankability of the modules themselves and the warranty that comes with it. We can help you choose the best manufacturer for you in terms of quality, warranty and price.  

Inverter styles vary from string inverter systems, microinverter systems and hybrid systems that contain both a central unit and power optimizers at the module level. We can help you choose the best system in terms of price and goals. 

Batteries allow you self supply energy, back up your home when the grid goes down, peak shave your time of use rates, or serve as a main power supply for off grid systems. Batteries can also help protect grid tied customers from future rate changes by their utility offering them a large degree of energy independence. 

Very likely. In some cases a main panel upgrade may be necessary, but that cost can be included in your total contract price and financing.

Yes. A shade report is necessary to ensure a good system design and can help you make sure your system produces the power you are planning on producing so you meet your overall financial expectations. 

In most cases, your contractor or installer will pull this for you. Homeowners can also pull their own permits if they desire by purchasing one of our permit-ready plan sets and coordinating with their own building and safety. Building and Safety permit fees will apply. 

There are many financing options for customers who want to purchase or lease their systems. A consultant can walk you through which financing programs are the best for your goals, based on whether you can use the 30% ITC federal tax credit and what type of loan details are most appealing to you. 

Net metering is the basis for how grid tied systems get energy credit for the power their solar systems produce. It’s important to go over net metering 2.0 details with your consultant that are specific to your utility so you can optimize the financial return of your system. 

The 30% federal tax credit, or ITC currently allows for a dollar-for-dollar credit of 30% of your total solar system cost and any electrical or roofing upgrades that were required for installation through 2019. Ask your consultant or a timeline of when those stipulations are changing to ensure you get a maximum financial return. 

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