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REC Alpha PureR 420W solar module

420-watt residential solar module with cutting-edge heterojunction (HJT) technology that combines silicon types for the highest power yield of any panel in the world and lower degradation.

Innovative technology offers higher power yield and lower degradation over time – which means more savings for you
Extremely durable with fewer breakages thanks to its flexible cell and frame design
Sleek, aesthetically pleasing black-on-black panel
Quality you can trust from a European manufacturer with decades of experience
Industry-leading, hassle-free ProTrust warranty
REC Solar offers the REC ProTrust 25-year warranty that covers equipment, labor, and performance to maintain energy output of at least 92% of rated production after 25 years.

How We Install REC Solar Panels

As a Certified Professional Installer, Design My Solar Power is proud to partner with REC Solar, a leading European manufacturer with a 25-year track record of innovation, making 4 million panels annually in Singapore.

We mount these panels on the low-profile, all-black Pegasus Rail racking system, which has the industry’s thinnest gap between the solar panels and the roof, ensuring a sleek-looking system.

REC Solar panels are installed with EnPhase microinverters or a Tesla Powerwall 3 solar battery with an integrated inverter. Your inverter will determine the monitoring system you use.

When you schedule a consultation, we will meet with you to understand your goals and to review your roof and electricity usage. During that appointment, we will recommend the equipment that best meets your needs for your home installation.

Key Features

  • REC Alpha product has been rated “The Best Module on the Market” by EnergySage 2021, 2022; Solar Reviews 2022, 2021, 2022; Intersolar 2020, 2021, 2022
  • Very high panel efficiency of 21.9% and #1 in energy yield thanks to the innovative heterojunction (HJT) technology that combines monocrystalline silicon and thin film silicon along with improved electricity conductive
  • Consistent high quality with the lowest failure rate in the industry and fewer warranty claims than anyone else – out of 4 million panels manufactured each year, just 400 might come back as product claims
  • Fewer breakages because the cell is flexible and because of the frame design – the module stands up to hail, snow, wind, and fire
  • Lower degradation over time and lower temperature coefficients equate to more power and customer savings

About REC Solar

REC Solar, founded in Norway in 1996, is focused on making high-quality home solar panels. Their quality and innovation track record was honed over almost 30 years, with more than 46 million solar panels produced for more than 20 million customers. They make more than 4 million solar panels each year in Singapore.

REC uses innovative solar technologies to deliver high performance and perform internal testing that is up to three times as stringent as industry standards so that you can rely on the quality of the panels on your home today, even under the most extreme environments, and for the product’s lifetime.

REC panels have also been recently recognized as a Top Performer in the DNV-GL Module Reliability Scorecard, proving their market-leading quality.

Product FAQs

Independent reviews of solar panel manufacturers confirm that REC makes one of the highest quality, high performance, most durable home solar panels in the world.

With decades of experience you can trust, cutting-edge manufacturing in Singapore, innovative solar technology, and a comprehensive warranty, REC makes some of the best solar panels on the market today.

The REC ProTrust warranty, which is only available through REC Certified Solar Professional installers for registered panels and installations, covers product, performance, and labor.

Customers with installations up to 25 kW enjoy maximum comfort and peace of mind knowing that they have a full 25-year warranty covering product, performance (at least 92% of rated performance in year 25), and labor. Systems between 25-500 kW have the same 25-year product and performance warranties, plus a 10-year labor warranty.

The industry leading ProTrust warranty makes it easy to get service, but with the lowest warranty claim rate of any manufacturer, you probably won’t need it.

The cost of installing REC solar panels will vary depending on your electricity usage, property size, and the type of inverter and other equipment you use. Our team at Design My Solar will provide a personalized estimate at no charge.

In addition to the upfront price of the system and energy savings over time, you will also want to consider the total cost of ownership of the system. Products that generate more electricity over time, stand up to harsh conditions without breaking, and have a warranty with the cost of labor and service included, will save you more over the life of the system than the price premium you may pay upfront.

We’ll assist you in evaluating your options, selecting the right equipment for your needs, and maximizing available incentives and tax credits.

We also offer easy financing options, including $0 down and low monthly payments tailored to your financial situation.

The Alpha product line has received “The Best Module on the Market” ratings year after year. The latest products include:

  • Alpha Pro: The pro series of solar panels offer a power output of 620 – 640 watts, with efficiency peaking at 22.5%. This design includes 120 heterojunction cells that are lead-free and use gapless technology.
  • Alpha Pure-R: These solar panels offer a power output of 450-470 watts, with efficiency peaking at 22.6%. The design includes 88 bifacial heterojunction cells that are lead-free and use gapless technology.


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