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Enphase IQ8 Microinverter


Enphase’s latest IQ8 Microinverters are the industry’s first grid-forming microinverters capable of split-phase power conversion, efficiently transforming DC power into AC power. At the heart of these semiconductor-based microinverters is a proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), allowing them to function in both grid-tied and off-grid modes. Built with advanced 55nm technology, this chip features high-speed digital logic and ultra-fast response times to changing loads and grid events, reducing constraints on battery sizing for home energy systems.


  • There is no single point of failure so you don’t have to worry about your system coming offline should one panel be affected or an inverter fail
  • The Enphase Envoy data monitoring system allows easy monitoring of each panel and the array as a whole to keep you updated on what’s important
  • The IQ8 Series Microinverters keep essentials powered during grid outages that occur in the daytime. Yes, that means you will experience sunlight backup – an industry first. No home battery required.
  • NEMA 6 Rating built to handle weather of any type and severity. FEMA recommends Enphase specifically for their durability and reliability.


Enphase offers a 25 year warranty on IQ8 microinverters from the date the system is activated.

Why We Install Enphase Microinverters

We choose Enphase’s new IQ8 Microinverters for their durability, smart capabilities, and efficiency. The microinverters advanced microchip technology results in incredibly fast response times to changing loads and grid events – this alleviates the constraints on battery sizing and optimizes the production of your solar system.

The IQ8 Series Microinverters are also unique in that they are scalable. You may start off with a particular size system and decide you want to expand in the future. With IQ8 Microinverters you can continue to add on without the worry of incompatibility or having to start all over with a new set of microinverters.

Overall, these microinverters are better because there is no single point of failure. What does that mean? With traditional inverters, should a central inverter fail, solar production stops completely. With one microinverter tied to each module, solar production keeps working even if one of them fails.

Key Features

  • No Single Point of Failure – each panel has its own microinverter to yield the highest level of solar production
  • Since each panel has its own microinverter, you can place panels throughout your roof without the limitations of string inverters that are generally limited to two or three different orientations
  • Basic backup power without a battery during sunlight hours
  • Remote automatic updates for the latest grid requirements and Enphase updates
  • 25 year warranty

About Enphase

Founded in 2006, Enphase revolutionized the solar industry with our innovative microinverter technology, turning sunlight into a safe, reliable, and scalable energy source. Their intelligent microinverters, compatible with virtually all solar panels, combined with our award-winning smart battery technology, create top-performing clean energy systems.

The Enphase Energy System empowers users to make, use, save, and sell their power, offering unparalleled control through our industry-leading app. With around 68 million microinverters shipped and 3.5 million systems deployed across 145+ countries, Enphase is at the forefront of providing clean, affordable, and reliable energy, helping to replace fossil fuels and build a carbon-free future.

Product FAQs

Microinverters make your overall system more reliable as they will continue producing power if one of the inverters fails. A string inverter based system is more likely to shut down because a single malfunction on the string means the entire system comes down. With microinverters, there is no single point of failure. Microinverters make your system easier to add onto and more versatile in the placement on your roof. String inverter systems are limited to 2-3 surfaces on your roof. Microinverters are also more efficient in variable sunlight because they work independently of one another.

Enphase IQ series microinverters have a 25-year parts warranty developed to meet the performance warranty over most solar panels.


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