Solar panels for the home are more affordable than ever.

In the last two decades, the technology has continued to advance, offering higher-powered, more affordable products for all customers. Not only do these residential solar panels generate plenty of energy, but their durability is unmatched in all weather conditions.

At Design My Solar Power®, we’ve been serving both residential and commercial customers for many years, offering customized installation plans for every project. Solar panels are within reach for every homeowner, notably due to the abundance of solar incentives and financial advantages offered by government initiatives.

Premium Solar Panels

When investing in upgrades for your home, you want to be confident that the materials will stay strong for many years. It’s important to prioritize both durability and performance to ensure you get the most energy out of the sun.

The good news is that our expert installation team will customize a recommendation to your home and to your goals and budget. We carry the solar panel brands you can trust, as well as all of the equipment and accessories necessary for the full system, including:


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Other Equipment

Racking holds the solar panels in place, ensuring stability and optimal angle for sunlight. Inverters and Power Optimizers convert the sun’s DC energy into usable AC energy that can power your home. Microinverters can be placed on each solar panel, or you can choose a centralized optimizer for the full system.


Our products come with a robust 25-year warranty so your investment is protected for the long-haul. At Design My Solar, we guarantee our services with a workmanship warranty, ensuring our commitment to quality. Should any adjustments or repairs be necessary, our team is readily available to assist you.

Expert Installation & Service

The quality of your solar installer will have a direct impact on the performance of your solar energy system. It’s crucial the equipment for your solar panel installation offers the results you need now and in the future. 

At Design My Solar, we proactively tailor solutions to meet the unique needs of each customer. We understand that solar requirements vary, from available installation space to energy consumption patterns and sunlight exposure. In addition to personalized recommendations, our team is committed to empowering clients through education.

Home Solar Pricing & Incentives

As it is an investment, it’s important to consider your out-of-pocket costs when planning for a home solar system.

With the right installation plan, it’s possible to reduce or even eliminate your electricity usage costs every month. We’ll help you see where the break-even point is (when the solar panels have been paid off) and you have free energy for many years down the road.

One way to leverage your budget is by taking advantage of federal tax incentive programs. For example, there are options to get a tax credit for up to 30% of your installation costs, including both materials and labor.

There is no need to delay installation if you don’t have cash to pay for these services out-of-pocket. Our team at Design My Solar offers simple financing solutions with options for $0-down installation. We can also help you achieve an affordable monthly payment until the equipment is paid in full. You will enjoy the financial benefits for many years into the future.

Why Go Solar

Why does it make sense to install solar panels on your home? The benefits are undeniable.
Here are some of the reasons why homeowners choose solar installation:


Solar panels are a great investment to reduce or even eliminate usage costs every month. The savings add up!

Property Value

 Install solar panels and it will increase the value of your home, giving you more equity when you are ready to sell.

Clean Energy

 It feels good knowing that you can use electricity in your home without worrying about the impact on the environment.

Power Independence

Eliminating reliance on the grid means that you are self-sufficient and less dependent on local utilities.