There’s no better place than the Sunshine State to install solar panels that provide clean, reliable energy for your home or business. Design My Solar provides solar panels in Florida. We suit your needs, including solar generation, energy storage, solar repair, service and maintenance packages that make managing your solar power system simple. It’s our mission to help Floridians make the most of this affordable and environmentally friendly source of energy.

Residential Solar Panel Installation

As a SunPower Master Dealer, we provide superior service that will help you maximize your investment for short-term and long-term savings. Here’s an overview of the services we offer to homeowners: 

  • Installation of high-efficiency rooftop, ground mount, and carport solar panels
  • Installation of backup battery systems, including Tesla Powerwall
  • Friendly customer service
  • Knowledge of local tax incentives and rebates
  • 25-year lifetime warranty

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

We help businesses across various industries reduce their electricity costs and carbon footprint while maximizing return on investment. Our commercial solar solutions include:

  • Free site analysis, engineering, and design services
  • Installation of high-efficiency solar panels and backup battery systems
  • Rooftop, ground mount, and parking structure installation
  • Financing options that suit your business’s needs
  • Expertise about solar investment tax credits and grants

Why Is Solar Power Such a Good Idea in Florida?

Florida is ranked #3 in the United States for solar power, after California and Texas. Earning its reputation as the Sunshine State, Florida enjoys an average of 237 days of sunshine per year — well above the national average — and even more in certain cities. There is great potential for solar energy production in the state, which means great potential for savings and sustainability. From Tampa in the west to Fort Lauderdale in the south, SunPower by Design My Solar serves Floridians who want to save on energy costs and take control of their own power supply.

Although the cost of installation and equipment used to be cost-prohibitive for many Florida homeowners and businesses, that has changed in recent years. Florida has experienced a boom in solar installations as costs have fallen 45% over the last five years due to improved technology. Plus, state and federal governments continue to provide incentives to convert to renewable energy sources. There is currently a 26% federal tax credit available for Florida homeowners and businesses who install solar systems or battery backup systems combined with solar panels. In addition, the state of Florida mandates net metering at a one-to-one retail rate for all utilities, ensuring that homeowners capture the full value of the solar energy they produce. Florida Statute 163.04 further protects consumers by preventing homeowners’ associations (HOA) from denying solar approvals or placing restrictions that would increase costs or reduce output.

Florida utility companies are raising prices and making it more difficult for Floridians to justify sticking with traditional power options for their homes and businesses. During the hot and steamy summers, traditional energy customers across the state will be paying more to cool their homes than ever before. The cost of natural gas is soaring because demand is outpacing production. Natural gas is unpredictable, while solar power is the most efficient and dependable energy source. It’s infinite! And the sooner you convert to solar energy, the sooner you can start saving. 

Why Choose SunPower Solar Technology?

SunPower® is an American solar manufacturer with a 30-year history of innovation and quality. In addition to world-record-setting solar technology and unmatched value, warranty, and aesthetics, we share a commitment to the community and our shared future. As a Master Dealer and an award-winning installer, SunPower by Design My Solar is committed to bringing the world’s highest quality panels and the industry’s best warranty to the Sunshine State.

SunPower’s Maxeon® cell technology is fundamentally different. And dramatically better. The solid copper backing makes these panels more efficient and more durable than any other solar panel in the world, producing 30% more power on the same roof space immediately and maintaining higher performance 25 years later. That will save you thousands of dollars over the life of your system and will increase your home’s price if you decide to sell.

SunPower panels are proven to stand up to harsh conditions such as hail, extreme temperatures, and hurricane-force winds better than any other home solar technology.

What Sets Design My Solar Florida Apart from Our Competitors?

We believe that making the transition to green energy should be empowering rather than intimidating. Whatever your questions about the process may be, our experts are here to provide the resources and information you need to feel confident about installing a residential or commercial solar system. Through every step of the process, we provide exceptional craftsmanship and premier customer service. 

Our products match the quality of our service. The integrated SunPower Equinox system for homeowners and the SunPower Helix system for businesses pair the best-performing and most durable solar photovoltaic (pV) panels in the industry with racking, monitoring, and software that ensure your system is designed to work together seamlessly and is covered by the most comprehensive, hassle-free warranty in the industry. Our systems come with a production guarantee to further protect your investment. Our partnership with SunPower means that our customers receive an award-winning, standard-setting experience.

We are expanding our service areas to serve more homeowners and businesses seeking affordable solar and other sustainable solutions, and we’ve earned a reputation as the premier solar installer in the Sunshine State. 

There’s never been a better time to install solar panels in Florida. Schedule a free consultation with our experienced Florida solar installers who are eager to answer any questions you have about the process.