Protect Yourself from Outages with Tesla Powerwall

We are proud to partner with Tesla to bring energy independence to our customers. Design My Solar Power® is a Tesla Powerwall Premier Certified Installer, which is a special designation only given to Certified Installers who have demonstrated extensive product knowledge, delivering the highest quality installations and expertly-crafted customer experiences.

Key Benefits of the Tesla Powerwall 3

More solar

With 2x more continuous power output than the Powerwall 2 and an integrated inverter, you can capture more power from your solar panels

Smarter savings

Intelligent software integrates your energy usage patterns, weather forecasts, and utility pricing to maximize your earnings from sending power to the grid

Fewer parts

The components are now integrated into the Powerwall unit, meaning less equipment on your wall and a faster, easier installation process

More flexible

Stackable for low-cost system expansion, the compact, all-in-one unit has versatile mounting options to work with more home styles and sizes of solar systems

Lower cost

Powerwall 3’s integrated solar inverter requires less equipment, which makes your system more affordable

More rugged

With no exposed wires or hot vents, the Powerwall is ready to handle weather conditions, including high elevation, extreme temperatures, and flooding

How It Works

The Tesla Powerwall is usually paired with a home solar panel system. A house equipped with solar panels usually produces more electricity during the day than it consumes at the time of generation. This extra solar power can be stored in the Powerwall battery instead of returned to the electric grid.

At night or when the solar panels are not producing enough electricity to meet the home’s demand, the homeowner can pull energy from the Tesla Powerwall instead of buying it from the utility. It can be programmed to optimize how and when you consume, store, and send power back to the grid to maximize your savings.

The self-contained, waterproof unit is always on, operates quietly, and can be mounted on the floor or wall individually or as part of a stack of multiple batteries.


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