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Smart Main Panel SMART PANEL


Smart Main Panel Smart Panel 2nd Generation


The Smart Main Panel Smart Panel is the latest in home breaker technology. This intelligent breaker panel connects to your home’s circuits to monitor and control power from your phone. Smart Main Panel mounts to your wall and is similar in size, weight, and configuration to traditional electrical panels.


  • Real-time monitoring and control for every circuit in your home. Turn circuits on and off remotely and track energy data to give you previously unseen or overlooked insights into your home’s energy consumption.
  • Smart Main Panel pairs with your back up power system. Choose what receives your stored energy in an emergency situation to help you outlast any power outage with insight and confidence.
  • Optimizes your home’s energy usage which leads to a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Enhances your electric vehicle experience by balancing energy being used in your home vs what your EV is using to maintain a healthy load balance. You can also schedule charging outside of peak-hours to keep utility energy usage low.


Smart Main Panel offers a 10 year warranty. Learn more.


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